Canadian Dressage Frostbite Series Youth Fundraiser Clinics

Canadian Dressage Frostbite Series Youth Fundraiser Clinics

Top Riders to Educate Ontario Youth and Raise Funds for Dressage

A new fundraising series will showcase this winter for Ontario Junior and Young Riders. The “Dressage Frostbite Series” was started because Ontario has talented riders that need support. This series will give Canadian youth the chance to learn from some of the best riders in the nation.Canadian Dressage Frostbite Series

There will be a series of fundraising clinics for eight months beginning in October. At each clinic these talented young youth will have the opportunity to ride with a different Olympian, Short Listed “A” Rider or “O” judge. The goal will be to further their skills to prepare them for what is hoped to be a very successful 2013 show season.

The ultimate goal is to not only help these riders develop their skills, but to also bring the equine high performance community together to inspire the young riders who live in Ontario, Canada.

Taking the lead is Olympian Diane Creech who will kick-off the first clinic on the weekend of October 20-21. November 24-25 will feature Olympian Tom Dvorak. Cara Witham, an “O” judge, will be the featured educator in January. Olympian Belinda Trussel will take the journey in helping to educate and inspire these talented up-and-coming youth in February.

The goal of this not-for-profit project will also be to raise funds to support Ontario Youth as well as High Performance Athletes throughout the 2013 season. Clinicians will donate 50% of their clinic fee back into the project and 100% of the auditing fees. The project will also raise funds from sponsorship money from various companies and private citizens that have Ontario’s Youth and the sport of dressage at heart.

For more information or to get involved contact Gabriele Sutton at 519-463-9640 or Nathalie Lawson at 705-776-7869.