June 26, 2019

Southern Eighths announces spring open schooling days

SOUTHERN EIGHTHS ANNOUNCES SPRING OPEN SCHOOLING DAYS    January 10, 2012—Chesterfield, SC– Southern Eighths Farm in Chesterfield, SC is giving Beginner through Training level Event riders and horses the perfect opportunity to prepare for their next competition or to bring a young horse along with its upcoming Open Schooling Days.  Mark your calendar now for January 21–29, February 18–26, and/or […]

New Dressage Bridles

Chagrin Falls, OH (December 7, 2011) – An innovative dressage bridle that converts from a double bridle to a snaffle bridle in under a minute is not only giving dressage riders a competitive edge but is also giving them something to rave about. The Joseph Sterling Conversion Dressage Bridle is endorsed and used by dressage riders Tuny Page, Charlotte Bayley, […]

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