Elite Equestrian and Horse Radio Network Announce Partnership

Horse Radio Network

Elite Equestrian and Horse Radio Network Announce Partnership

Elite Equestrian magazine is pleased to announce a partnership with Horse Radio Network, which has recently moved its studio to Ocala, Florida. The Horse Radio Network is the largest online radio network devoted to horse lovers worldwide. HRN is the home to the most entertaining equine radio shows (podcasts) on the Internet. The programs run a desirable gamut of equine topics including: HORSES IN THE MORNING, Driving Radio Show (at www.drivingradioshow.com )Horse Radio Network

Equestrian Legends (at www.equestrianlegends.com)

Stable Scoop Radio Show (at www.stablescoop.com)

Eventing Radio Show (at www.eventingradio.com)

Dressage Radio Show (at www.Dressageradio.com.)

Horse Tip Daily (at www.horsetipdaily.com

Western Radio Show (at www.westernradioshow.com)

Just visit www.horseradionetwork.com  to listen!

Elite Equestrian will be coordinating guests to be interviewed on HRN. In the works for the March schedule is a live call-in chat with USEF President, Chrystine Tauber, stemming from her exclusive interview in the current issue of Elite Equestrian. (Watch the Elite Equestrian web site for details.)

Ms. Tauber’s interview, as well as many other interesting and informative articles, are found in the March/April issue of Elite Equestrian, which highlights polo as the featured sport. You’ll find information about the game itself, and learn about the upcoming All Star Game. This includes another exclusive interview with top rated polo player Nic Roldan, who will be heading the North American team.

Our legal expert, Avery Chapman, esquire, will fill you in on if and how you can deduct expenses for your farm. This provides valuable information for the professional trainer/barn manager as well as for every owner who dabbles in buying/training/selling or boarding.

Equine Reproduction Specialist, Karen Berk, tells the intriguing and informative story of exporting frozen semen for the first time to a foreign country.

Our equine fashion features are really stepped-up in this issue with features on warm breeches, spring do’s and don’ts for the dressage ring, colorful fashion trends, and more.

Saddle designer, Jochen Schleese, talks about fitting horses with short backs and also debuts a new feature to Elite Equestrian: a saddle fitting question and answer.

Also in this issue, learn about the charity that Her Royal Highness Duchess of Cornwall supports. She visited the U.S. recently to celebrate the opening of its first office in this country!

Read the current issue of Elite Equestrian online at www.EliteEquestrian.us  for free, with hyper-links to all advertisers and organizations. While you’re visiting our site, you can listen to Horse Radio Network live! Visit their web site at www.horseradionetwork.com.

Hard copies of Elite Equestrian are available at A shows, tack shops, horse parks and other venues.

Contact: Noelle Vander Brink, editor, Elite Equestrian noelle@eliteequestrian.us