Elite Equestrian magazine has expanded to include a European section

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Elite Equestrian magazine has expanded to include a Europe section

Elite Equestrian magazine is proud to announce that we have expanded our magazine to include a section about European equestrian events, products, fashion, travel, lifestyle highlights etc. www.eliteequestrian.us

The section will be called Elite Equestrian Europe and will feature articles, events, products and product highlights from around Europe.

On the Elite Equestrian website www.eliteequestrian.us  we have added Europe as an article category.


European articles with be highlighted on the home page right hand side, the bottom of every page and the right side of every article page.

Read current issue online at www.eliteequestrian.us

We are currently looking for articles, stories and press releases that can be posted to the Elite Equestrian Europe section of the website. Also we are looking for articles and product spotlights that can be considered for the print issue.

Special pricing for ads placed in the new Elite Equestrian Europe section.

FREE with any half or full page ad you will get equal editorial content for either product or educational information.

FREE product spotlight with any quarter page ad or larger.   *European companies in the European section only. For a limited time.

For more information and a media kit please feel free to call or email. info@eliteequestrian.us

Thanks  Bill Vander Brink   Elite Equestrian Publisher   570-646-9340