Hawk Trailers Behind You for the Long Haul

Hawk Trailers Behind You for the Long Haul

Superior trailers built just for you are the hallmark of Hawk Trailers. At Hawk Trailers, located in Manawa, WI, horse-lovers work together to build a trailer that is custom designed for you and your equine counterparts.Hawk Trailers

Hawk Trailers is a customer driven company. They listen closely to you, the customer, to manufacture quality horse trailers that exceed your expectations. Our reputation for being fair and honest comes from working together as a family of friends. We also build and maintain strong relationships with our dealers. Strong dealer support means better overall customer service.

Hawk employees combine many years of experience in owning, training, showing and hauling horse to provide valuable insight and a commitment to continuous product improvement. Their production staff is committed to the customers, doing the job right the first time. Representatives from sales, engineering and manufacturing are often seen together on the production line reviewing custom orders. Many have horse of their own that are hauled frequently, making them all experts that truly understand what you need. Each trailer is built like it would be built for these experts’ horses.

Hawk’s design experience and attention to detail are a cut above in quality and value. The safety and comfort of the horse is paramount. They understand the wear and tear that trailers must endure and they build their trailers to be strong and safe under any circumstance.

Are you looking for a trailer that is custom designed just for you? The request for specialty trailers has increased dramatically in recent years. Hawk’s innovative staff welcomes the challenge to design and build custom trailers that are easy to hook up, easy to tow, require little maintenance and provide return a higher return on investment. The trailer industry has a need for horse trailers that can accommodate miniature horse on up through the large draft horses. Hawk specializes in a range of trailers from the two horse pumper pull model to those uniquely designed living quarters. Custom features on trailers have allowed the Hawk team to showcase their knack for innovation and design.Hawk Trailers

Hawk is not just innovative, their superior construction and attention to detail means that your trailer will withstand the hardships of travel without ever losing site of the safety and comfort or your prize possessions. Hawk frames, sidewalls and interior parts are made with galvanized steel, unlike the traditional mild steel parts, which are prone to rusting. Galvanized steel is also superior to aluminum parts because aluminum flexes more than galvanized steel and the raw aluminum oxidizes and requires acid washing. Hawk’s galvanized steel frames are the strongest in the industry. In addition, all standard horse area parts are powder coated and fully removable. Powder coating provides a consistent, durable high quality finish that is resistant to scratching and chemicals. Also, Hawk Trailers are designed with full height insulated walls and doors, with fiberglass-reinforced seamless roofs for climate control and sound reduction. All of these standard components add up to a comfortable safe ride, assuring you that your horses will be relaxed and happy when you arrive at your destination.

Within the last decade, the demand for the Hawk product has more than quadrupled! From the Two Horse Bumper Pull Walk Thru’s to up to Six Horse Gooseneck Slant Trailers with Dress, Hawk manufactures a quality trailer to meet all your hauling needs. For more information visit: www.hawktrailers.com  or call 920-596-3080.Hawk Trailers