December 6, 2022

Brandi Roenick Rides to Third Gold Medal in a Custom Saddle

Brandi Roenick Rides to Third Gold Medal in a Custom Saddle

Aiken, SC (November 6, 2012) – Custom Saddlery is proud to salute Brandi Roenick on leading her USDF Region 5 Young Rider team to a third consecutive gold medal at the Adequan/FEI North American Junior and Young Riders Championships. With a golden performance, Roenick earned the high score of the competition with a 70.500%, and the team won with a total score of 206.105. “Winning this was my most important achievement of the year,” stated Roenick, “and just knowing that I would have been going to Frankfurt, Germany for the Young Riders World Cup if it wouldn’t have been cancelled is still an amazing feeling!”

Brandi Roenick Rides to Third Gold Medal in a Custom Saddle
Brandi Roenick led her USDF Region 5 Young Rider team to a third consecutive Gold Medal while riding in the Wolfgang Solo from Custom Saddlery. (Photo courtesy of

Roenick says that proper saddle fit has been crucial in her success, and that Custom Saddlery has been a key element in her journey to the top.

“It is always important to make sure that your body is well taken care of along with your horse’s back,” she explains. “If you are riding in a saddle that makes either horse or rider uncomfortable, the performance won’t be top notch. I ride all my horses in the Wolfgang Solo from Custom Saddlery; I love this model most because It sits you up straight and has the perfect support for those who get really sore backs and molds to each riders individual seat.”

Roenick’s recent success has her looking ahead. She plans to compete in her first CDI Grand Prix in 2013, and then wants to try out for the World Equestrian Games 2014, the 2015 World Cup, and of course the 2016 Olympics. She understands from experience that Custom Saddles play a key role in ensuring she comfortably reaches all her goals. “My Custom saddles benefit my riding because I have never had a horse with a sore back since I switched over to Custom. My horses are happy and very willing to work as they are able to move more freely.” Roenick is currently working with her own horse, Pretty Lady, a 14-year-old Dutch Warmblood mare by Igleaseas. “She is currently training the Grand Prix but we are smoothly developing into the hard work and not so much playing with the movements anymore. She will be my first Grand Prix horse, and she will be a great horse for me to learn the Grand Prix on.”

Roenick praise for Custom Saddlery extends not just to the comfort for the horse, but also to the correct positioning and freedom of movement for the rider. “For me,” she describes, “the saddles give me a comfortable placement for my legs and hips to not only feel the swing of the back, but I also feel my horse’s whole body through the movements. I haven’t ridden in anything better than Custom. They are fun, they are comfortable and they are my first choice.”

In addition to Roenick, Custom Saddlery endorses a host of dressage superstars including Steffen Peters, Tina Konyot, Heather Blitz, Kathleen Raine, Lauren Sammis, Caroline Roffman, Endel Ots and David Wightman just to name a few. Custom Saddlery has a great website and they encourage everyone to visit  to learn more about their saddles. On the website, visitors can view each type of saddle they offer, the various customizable options and sizes, read about the warranty, pricing policy and how the saddles were developed.