Nutrient deficiency solved

Wayne Blevins Founder of THE PERFECT HORSE® Exclusive distributor of E3Live FOR HORSES®

Nutrient deficiency solved

By Wayne Blevins


Exclusive distributor of E3Live FOR HORSES®

     Your horse has no choice but to trust you to make responsible choices for his diet. There was a time when nutrient rich grasses were a staple throughout the earth and horses thrived because of it. Today, nothing could be farther from the truth.

     After trying freshwater blue green algae with my own horses in (1996), introducing it into my horseshoeing business was a must. I found that for many of my horseshoeing clients nutrient deficiency was the problem that needed to be solved before effective farrier work could be applied. My very genuine enthusiasm for the way freshwater blue green algae made me feel and the results I had witnessed by feeding it to my own horses, were enough for many of my clients to give it a try on their horses. My clients used the fresh water blue green algae for a variety of problems; from low heel, to weak and crumbling hoof wall, to laminitis. I was amazed when I witnessed these problems were all helped by the rich nutrition. The clear material at the distal hoof was common to all, and seemed to suggest that there was tissue regeneration occurring that did not wait for new growth from the coronet.

The most profound results, that were clinically documented, were with my laminitis cases. The new tissue growth, below the point of the coffin bone, gave me the material that I needed to rocker the toe and get the bone column in proper alignment. The hoof wall became thicker; allowing better nailing and the quality of material was greatly improved.Wayne Blevins 		Founder of THE PERFECT HORSE® 			Exclusive distributor of E3Live FOR HORSES®

                     It was because of the empirical evidence documented in this clinical study that I decided to develop, with the help of the manufacturer, my own freshwater blue green algae products for horses, with Crystalloid Electrolyte Sea Minerals added to assist absorption. The new E3AFA FOR HORSES would be in the form of a light flake that sticks to hay or feed, when a small amount of water is added.  This new product was even more consistent in its results, and much more suited for equines than the fine powder marketed for human use.  The powder used in smoothies or taken in capsules worked well for humans but, tend to cake when added to horse feed and mostly lost when added to hay.

            The results that have been reported to me since the introduction of E3Live FOR HORSES and E3AFA FOR HORSES in 2005 have consistently shown to:

  encourage the regeneration of damaged hoof tissues strengthen the immune system act as an anti-inflammatory enhance energy, vitality and endurance improve attention, alertness & brain function.       (877) 357-7187

Author Bio 

Wayne Blevins has a wide experience in the equine world.  He earned a degree in Business Administration from New Mexico State University, and served four years of military service, as a United States Coast Guard helicopter and fixed wing crewman. While serving three years in Puerto Rico, he rode and came to love the smooth gait of Paso Fino horses. He then attended Midwest Horseshoeing School in 1974, and imported Paso Fino horses from Puerto Rico to Northern California.  He worked for over thirty years as; a farrier, a gaited horse trainer, and a breeder of Paso Fino horses.

Today he owns and operates THE PERFECT HORSE®, distributing E3Live FOR HORSES and E3 AFA FOR HORSES to those who have become enlightened to the many benefits of feeding a natural, organic food in micro-nutrient form.