Pure Thoughts Inc…Without U, It’s Not Rescue

Pure Thoughts Inc…Without U, It’s Not Rescue

In 2012 Pure Thoughts Inc. Horse Rescue will celebrate 10 years of rescue, helping over 1700 horses, victims of abuse, neglect, abandonment, slaughter bound. As the rescue approaches the 10th year, what is also at risk is the rescue itself.

Brad Gaver M.Ed noted ” I’ve always thought, we keep our nose to the grindstone, focus on the welfare of the horses, be present for the horses of our community that need us as well as nationwide and insure that the care of the horses is first and foremost, the rest would follow. Although that was my assumption I find us facing a decision, do we continue with the rescue or do we turn the facility into a board, training and riding facility. It’s a question I don’t wish to entertain and a decision I never want to face. I have spent 10 years fighting for the horses, I don’t intend to give up on them yet and we will do our best to fight for the future of the rescue and the horses, but we cannot do this alone.

Over the past 10 years Pure Thoughts has striven to aid horses in trouble and raise awareness regarding horse welfare. There have been occasions when the rescue stepped out of the normal practice and facilitated with extra ordinary missions and alliances; but the dynamics of Pure Thoughts has never varied. The rescue relies 100% on donations, grants and fundraising activities. Jennifer Swanson commented “If I had a crystal ball, there are situations we would have handled differently, but the rescue has always been a learning curve and we always learn from our mistakes.” We could not ask for a better community for the rescue, we just need the community to know, we are still here and still the same Pure Thoughts that they supported.”

Some have thought that there was a change in Pure Thoughts and the rescue is wholly or largely funded by one person or organization, this is a false impression. At no time, nor currently has Pure Thoughts ever been funded by any one entity. “In a recent conversation one of our past donors explained that he was under the assumption Pure Thoughts was not in need of any assistance due to the previous statement. After making a few calls we found out that was the thought of many, this has had a devastating negative impact on the rescue and its ability to continue.”

Originally Pure Thoughts attended auctions in Ohio and Pennsylvania to save horses, but due to the economy, discovery of backyard slaughter facilities, auction with killbuyers, neglect and abuse cases right here in Florida. Pure Thoughts has a waiting list of horses to come in. “Our adoptions have increased tenfold and we still have all our stalls full, as soon as one horse is adopted the next day another one arrives.” The horses at Pure Thoughts are not under any “funded” program whether they are ex-racehorses or a horse who has suffered severe neglect. Pure Thoughts is a “safety net” for those horses. There is no need to flood our community and state with more horses when there are horses in trouble right here.” We continue to help horses nationwide that are at high risk, but it is on a horse by horse basis.

Although it is too late in the season to try and do a substantial fundraiser event, it is never too late to help. Pure Thought’s doors are always open and everyone is welcome to come see the facility, the horses and operations. A donor can see first hand where their donations are being used; maybe you will even consider making your next horse a rescue horse. If you cannot make a monetary donation please visit our website to see other ways to help. One April 14th Pure Thoughts will be having the “Red Solo Cup” Yard and Tack sale from 12pm to 6pm..complete with music, silent auction, raffles, food, donation bar with of course shots of moonshine. If you cannot attend maybe you have some items to donate for the event.

Pure Thoughts is here and optimistically plans to continue to help the horses, wanting and willing to carry on their mission for the horses, it just cannot be done without you.


Jennifer Swanson

Pure Thoughts Inc. Horse Rescue

19181 Capet Creek

Loxahatchee, FL 33470