Show organizers can start earning points towards FREE AWARDS & PRIZES

Show organizers can start earning points towards FREE AWARDS & PRIZES

Show organizers can start earning points towards FREE AWARDS & PRIZES 

(like by signing up for our new Equine Prints Incentive Program–there’s no cost or commitment involved!

Show organizers can start earning points towards FREE AWARDS & PRIZES

Call us at 1-877-N1-Horse (1-877-614-6773) or email and we’ll assign you a Group Code, which your members, show competitors, etc., can then use when ordering products from our website. And all they need do when ordering is enter that code in the upper right corner of our home page (see and your group will gain points towards its choice of awards and prizes. (Or you can pass those points on to your show winners and let them select their own prizes.)

Prizes can include anything at, or elsewhere on our two equine websites, plus new products like our two-sided photo blankets, which aren’t yet online. The number of products we offer is rapidly growing, including keepsakes as small and simple as our photo magnets, iPhone covers, mouse pads and mugs; innovative and unique as our ornaments, nameplates and stall cards; and big and elaborate as our multi-tier ribbon displays, floor mats and shower curtains (still in testing)–ranging from laptop covers to pillow cases, kitchen cutting boards to beach towels, keepsake/music boxes to totes and pillows–all personalized with your photo, logo or some other custom content. And later this spring, we’ll likely also add an assortment of shirts and other apparel.

Many of these products won’t be available on our regular web pages–instead, only after entering a Group Code. And for the first time, we’ll also be offering such traditional show products as ribbons and engraved plaques–but, again, only through this new group incentive program.

Further, at no additional cost we’ll gladly design enhanced or logo-branded products for your group (like our Enhanced Photo Cutouts– see and so anyone entering your Group Code at will be able to choose between our basic products and upgraded versions–which, by the way, we’ll offer at the EXACT SAME PRICES (even with the depicted horse/rider personalization–making these enhanced designs TRULY EXCEPTIONAL DEALS)!JumperAwardweb

Or IF YOUR GROUP WOULD LIKE OUR HELP FUNDRAISING, we could charge more for these ENHANCED PRODUCTS and rebate the difference back to you!

But we think the biggest winners may simply be those looking for SOMETHING NEW TO DO WITH THEIR HORSE PHOTOS (beyond the same old tired paper prints, etc.) as they’ll now have easy access not only to our regular product lineup but a collection of additional items available only through this new incentive program.

And our regular lineup features PRODUCTS WE CLEARLY DO BETTER THAN ANYONE–or so our customers keep telling us! That’s one reason 7 major horse magazines have included one or more of our products in their annual gift guides or similar editorial coverage during the past four years! (The magazines: Equus, Young Rider, Western Horseman, Dressage Today, Horse Illustrated, Practical Horseman and Equine Journal.)

Plus, we’ve got PRODUCTS YOU WON’T FIND ELSEWHERE–products you may not even know exist, and which when described may sound good but still doesn’t really do them justice, until you finally see them in person and then almost without thinking find yourself uttering: “Awesome!” 50x60CiscoBlanketwebShow organizers can start earning points towards FREE AWARDS & PRIZES

And our customer service remains first rate: not only are we prepared to do a lot of hand holding (on technical issues, etc.) but we can also provide helpful yet economical ancillary services–like when that important photo needs some special alteration (example:

Respond within the next week and during your first three months in our program, anyone entering your Group Code in the upper right corner of our  home page will get a 10% OFF SPECIAL DISCOUNT on their order!