ShowChic Rolls Out New Cutting-Edge European Styles from Animo at the USEF Festival of Champions

ShowChic Rolls Out New Cutting-Edge European Styles from Animo at the USEF Festival of Champions

Wellington, FL (June 15, 2012) – ShowChic, an upscale dressage fashion boutique located in Wellington, Florida introduced the new Animo line of clothing this month at the USEF Festival Of Champions held in Gladstone, NJ. The Animo clothing line offering dressage riders cutting-edge European styles.

“We are thrilled to be carrying the Animo line. Whether your goal is the riding ring or the social scene – Animo offers amazing European fashion that has dressage riders looking stylish. Animo fashions are constructed using the latest in performance apparel technology, making sure the rider not only looks better than the competition, but performs like it also,” said Michele Hundt, who owns ShowChic with her husband Doug. Formerly known as Sho Clothes, Hundt explained, “ShowChic’s new name reflects the boutique’s commitment to offer the best in fashion and Animo is a perfect fit for our customers”.ShowChic Rolls Out New Cutting-Edge European Styles from Animo at the USEF Festival of Champions

Hundt said the Animo fashions are made with special yarns that give the fabrics a pleasant and soft feel. “In additional to feeling wonderful, due to their hygroscopic power, the perspiration dries rapidly which reduces the damp feeling and enhances freshness.”

Animo clothing also allows the rider the opportunity to say goodbye to static shock. “The yarns used for the composition of Animo fabrics are antistatic, which means they are able to eliminate the electrostatic charges produced by rubbing of the fabrics. Scientific studies have shown that these charges can be the cause of stress, nervousness, migraines and a feeling of weakness,” Hundt said. “I know most of us don’t like static shock, and if you are wearing Animo you won’t have to worry about it anymore.”

Animo fashions also offers the Animo Gripping system for comfortable grip, anti-odor fabrics, hypoallergenic and Beta CX-active and intelligent fabrics. “The response to the new Animo line has been fantastic and I am excited to offer our clients these great products,” Hundt said. “At ShowChic our goal is to put the rider in first place, and Animo certainly does that.”

ShowChic carries everything the rider needs to dress for success in the dressage arena, including well known brands like Kentucky, Cavallo, Arista, Pikeur, Kinsgland, Back on Track, Samshield, GPA and Charles Owen. Thanks to their extensive selection, ShowChic has become the ultimate destination for dressage riders who want the height of fashion, the latest colors and the perfect coordinates for their ensembles. ShowChic’s mobile store can be found at show grounds across the east coast in the summer and on the Florida show circuit in the winter. “Whether you need couture for the show arena or the social scene, ShowChic can help,” Hundt said.

Hundt added, “We are thrilled to be part of the equestrian community, whether dressing riders for success or supporting them through sponsorships and educational programs. We are long time supporters of many shows and organizations, including the USET Foundation and USEF National Championships, charities like the Equestrian Aid Foundation and prestigious shows like the Palm Beach Dressage Derby.”

For more information on ShowChic, visit their website at  or call them at 561-319-2121. ShowChic’s online store is open 24 hours.

Photo: Mary Cameron Rollins sports her new Animo jacket and high tech Animo breeches from ShowChic. (Photo courtesy of JRPR)

For more information contact Michele Hundt   561-319-2121