SILKHORSE Scarves by Parekh Bugbee: Kickstarter project.

SILKHORSE Scarves by Parekh Bugbee #eliteequestrian elite equestrian magazine

SILKHORSE is an East meets West creative collaboration between Payal Parekh Bugbee, originally from Mumbai, and notable Kentucky visual artist Keith Auerbach. The Silkhorse scarf line consists of 13 pure silk prototype scarves themed on the horse that have been designed through unique collaboration over seven seas then traditionally printed via hand silkscreen at my Parekh Bugbee’s family factory in India.SILKHORSE Scarves by Parekh Bugbee #eliteequestrian elite equestrian magazine

SILKHORSE Scarves by Parekh Bugbee

Kentuckians and their love of horses combine art and international fashion

The Silkhorse scarf series combines East and West, modernity and tradition, technology and artisanship into a beautiful, powerful and dramatic line celebrating the exceptional spirit of the horse. They provide the clarity and confidence to step through obstacles and overcome challenges in life and style.

More and more, people desire products which appeal to modern sensibilities yet are still truly artisan-made. Parekh Bugbee’s horse scarves are luxurious, traditionally hand-printed silk scarves that fully and faithfully recreate complex patterns created by digital manipulation of historic horses across many cultures.

Combining exceptional quality and detail with fresh and fantastic representations of horses, these scarves not only succeed as fashion, but help create a spiritual energy that can give the wearer confidence to overcome any obstacles life may offer. Inspired, intricate and innovative patterns unlock the true energies of the horse spirit through their unique combination of cultures, processes and passions.

“The whole idea behind Silkhorse was to create a line of elegant silk scarves adorned with imaginative and innovative horse designs. I wanted to bridge modern and traditional technologies – from concept to design process to the manufacturing unit.  Each scarf is hand-printed using traditional silkscreen methods at my family-owned factory in Mumbai, India,” said Payal Parekh Bugbee, owner of US-based Parekh Bugbee.

Parekh Bugbee has built a reputation through creating beautiful textiles with a combination of elegance, simplicity and style, synchronizing exquisite design with a commitment to hand-crafted comfort. Now the company has joined with noted visual artist Keith Auerbach of Louisville, Kentucky, to create a scarf series that crosses eras, artistic styles and influences by focusing on one elegant, powerful and beautiful animal—the horse. Auerbach’s digitally-expressed artistic visions merge with the traditional textile print design mastery of Bharat Parekh, Payal Parekh Bugbee’s father.

“My father is a self-taught textile designer and manufacturer of premium fine-printed silks for the last 45 years in India,” said Payal Parekh Bugbee.  “At a very early age, without any formal training in the industry, he began his printing business. He now receives accolades in the luxury textile industry for his original print designs and color combinations.”

This Fall, from October 11 through November 11, Parekh Bugbee will launch an online crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter focusing exclusively on its first line of Silkhorse scarves – a series of 13 handmade silkscreen printed designs.

Kickstarter is a popular funding platform to support creative projects. During the exclusive 4-week Silkhorse Kickstarter campaign, the public will have the opportunity to support the project by purchasing the scarves themselves at a special one-time only promotional rate. Meeting their targeted funding goal will allow the Silkhorse inaugural scarf line to go into full production at the Parekh Bugbee family factory in Mumbai, India. Parekh Bugbee has plans to expand Silkhorse into woolen shawls, stoles, as well as a men’s silk pocket square line.

Payal Parekh Bugbee has been fascinated by the beauty and power of horses from childhood onward, beginning with her grandmother’s tales of ‘Manaki’ –  a sacred steed that was reputed to remove all obstacles in life when called forth. After arriving in Louisville, Kentucky, Parekh witnessed dressage and equestrian sport horses, which inspired her to bring together the beauty of these horses from the East and West through an elegant scarf series.

“I was initially intrigued with the majestic beauty of horses and their stoic, regal nature. Silkhorse celebrates those qualities,” said Payal Parekh Bugbee.

The result unfolds into thirteen gorgeous twill and crepe silk scarves with hand-rolled sewn borders.

“Most equine textiles have the image of the horse as a prominent feature. I was able to achieve a unique design by making my images of the horse rather subtle, embedded within a complex design,” said Keith Auerbach, Louisville visual artist.  “First you see the beautiful colors of the overall design, and it is only on a closer look that the horses reveal themselves. I especially like that the horse is in the background because that is consistent with the story of Manaki – a mythical horse that imbues one with confidence and helps remove obstacles in one’s life. In a way, this design secretly empowers the woman wearing the scarf.”

For Parekh Bugbee, the emphasis is on ethical, sustainable and artisan made products.

“With Silkhorse we wanted to pay proper tribute to the vanishing art of traditional silkscreen printing, especially as it seems to be fading from the manufacturing textile landscape in India. This mode of hand-printed craftsmanship will undoubtedly be eclipsed by digital processes in the next few years,” said Payal Parekh Bugbee.