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The Gift by Tam Tilley #eliteequestrian elite equestrian magazine

The Gift by Tam Tilley

All of my life, I wanted to paint. My dream was to draw a horse, a lion, and the human face. Despite many art classes, I just didn’t ‘get’ it. I continued to crumple my attempts and toss them in the trash. I knew the Lord promised He would give us the desires of our heart, if we sought Him first above all things. So, I sought Him and submitted my desires to Him.!The Gift by Tam Tilley #eliteequestrian elite equestrian magazine

I expected one night the clouds would roll back accompanied by the Hallelujah Chorus and a hand would descend and He would bestow upon me ‘The Gift of Art’ via a scroll tasting of honey. Not so. What He did instead was so much more fun.!

In August of 2011, He gave me a new way of seeing. After all, isn’t that what all revelation is…a new way of seeing. He did this by leading me to two books. The first was a scientific book entitled, The Genius in All of Us by David Shenk that explains that every gift/talent already resides in our DNA. It is one’s attempt to access the gift, or to operate in the gift, that stimulates the growth of that protein. We each start somewhere on a spectrum for each gift and it is the exercising of the gift that causes it to grow. The second book, Lifelike Heads by Lance Richlin, was a very practical way of explaining art that solidified every art lesson I’d ever had. I finally ‘got’ it.!

So, I had science telling me that the gift was already there. I had the Bible assuring me ‘Yes and Amen’ to my desire. I just had to practice? Well, shoot! I could do that! I began to practice with the expectation to improve rather than to fail. What followed was an exciting journey of discovery.! The Gift by Tam Tilley #eliteequestrian elite equestrian magazineThe Gift by Tam Tilley #eliteequestrian elite equestrian magazine

Today, my burning desire is to see my art glorify God and draw hearts and minds to Him. I want to create art that makes the viewer think about Him. There’s no telling what triggers my artistic muse and a variety of subjects are available on my website

Use Coupon Code: ELITE for 10% OFF your purchase.