StressLess: Promoting Optimal Equine Performance

StressLess: Promoting Optimal Equine Performance elite equestrian magazine #eliteequestrian @eliteequestrian #equine

StressLess: Promoting Optimal Equine Performance

The relationship between rider and equine partner is like no other, whether at the top levels of competition or in day-to-day interactions with your horse.  Proper communication and control results from a delicate balance of many factors.  This creates an experience in equestrian riding that is fulfilling, safe, and successful.  When a horse experiences stress from any manner of triggers then training, riding, and competing can be negatively affected. StressLess: Promoting Optimal Equine Performance elite equestrian magazine #eliteequestrian @eliteequestrian #equine

StressLess Horse Supplement is the key to promoting calm and focus in horses across a range of activities because of the all-natural, show safe formula behind StressLess.  Developed by a team of experts, it is a unique equine supplement unlike the magnesium and B12 based products on the market today.  What makes it different?  StressLess is a casein-based feed additive with a calming and focusing result on horses of all ages.

Casein is the protein derived from cow’s milk that results in a gentle anxiety relieving reaction in many animal species including horses, dogs, cats, and even humans.  The casein comes from an all-natural process called an enzymatic reaction. When the final product is ingested by horses, the equine brain presents a decrease in stress reactions.  Hot or spooky horses exhibit a decrease in agitation, over-excitability, and nervousness.StressLess: Promoting Optimal Equine Performance elite equestrian magazine #eliteequestrian @eliteequestrian #equine

The positive feedback from those benefiting from StressLess comes from every corner of the equestrian world: horse rescue organizations, champion trainers, junior riders, barrel racers, event riders, jockeys, show jumpers, dressage riders, Olympians, and backyard trail riders, among many others.  They report receptivity to training and behavior modification and a marked decrease in poor performance.  Best of all, StressLess does not affect a horse’s performance in any way.

StressLess is the brain child of an elite group of research veterinarians, trainers, pharmaceutical executives, and horse owners.  This dream team set out to formulate a hot horse remedy that would be safe for long-or short-term use with no side effects such as drowsiness or impaired motor function.  The supplement was given a palatable apple flavor with zero lactose and no preservatives.StressLess: Promoting Optimal Equine Performance elite equestrian magazine #eliteequestrian @eliteequestrian #equine

The US distributor for StressLess Horse Supplement is Betty Ledyard with her company Centerline Distribution, based in Florida.  As a lifetime equestrian herself, she discovered StressLess Horse Supplement for her own equine companion and the results were so profound she knew she had to get the product out to a wider audience in order to help others.  She was especially amazed when her horses rested quietly in their stalls during Hurricane Irma.

Hopefully not many of us have to worry about our beloved horses during unusual events like hurricanes!  However, important situations like showing, traveling, medical procedures, prolonged stall rest, moving, adoption, meeting new animals/people, and regular training are all times when StressLess may benefit your horse’s mood and disposition.  We all want to avoid low appetite, anxiety, and fear in equines.      StressLess: Promoting Optimal Equine Performance elite equestrian magazine #eliteequestrian @eliteequestrian #equine

If you would like more information or to conveniently purchase StressLess, please feel free to visit  You will find an abundance of testimonials from top riders as well as downloadable brochures, including the detailed show safe testing results by leading lab LGC Science.  StressLess Horse Supplement delivers a focused equine partner to everyone from Olympians to backyard trail riders.