The Heart of a Horse

THE HEART OF A HORSE #eliteequestrian

The Heart of a Horse

Life Lessons From Horses And Other Animals

Candida Baker

As told through stories of rescuing and rehoming animals, Candida Baker explores an enhanced companionship, connection and spirituality between humans and living creatures, encouraging us to listen with all our senses.THE HEART OF A HORSE #eliteequestrian

With her natural horsemanship, photography, writing and journalism skills, Candida left the city and embarked on a path to an enhanced sense of spiritual and psychic connection with the animal world.

Told through a series of true stories, each illustrating a life lesson, The Heart of a Horse is about learning to ‘listen’, with all our senses. Using her lifelong love of horses as the main vehicle for bridging the gap between our thought processes and intuition, Candida describes the magic that happens when we keep an open mind about the idea of communication from the animal world.

From nursing hares back to health and learning about the craft of natural horsemanship (a system of learning a horse’s physical language, and using that language to mimic the actions of a ‘boss’ horse to communicate with it so that it accepts you as its herd leader) to the tale of Tiny the wonder cat and the runaway journey of a disease-stricken thoroughbred racehorse named Rain, Candida explores it all.

At the end of each chapter, Candida offers a take-away Gift for the reader to consider, encouraging us to listen deeply and open our minds to the potential for a spiritual connection with animals.

“Who rescues, and who is rescued? This is the question that hovers in The Heart of a Horse. Tender and sometimes tragic, this is a book of love stories with much to say about the human heart, and how it expands through intimate relationships with our planet’s other animals -furred, feathered and hooved.”-Geraldine Brooks, Pulitzer Prize-winning author.

About the AuthorA well-known author and journalist, Candida Baker combines her love of horses, writing and spirituality to lead her on a continuing journey of creative self-discovery. She is the author of numerous books, has edited and contributed to various anthologies and her writing has been widely published in Australia, the UK and US. She is president of the equine charity Equus Alliance, runs the Facebook page

The Horse Listener and is also an accredited Equine Facilitated Learning practitioner. Find out more at

The Heart of a Horse ISBN: 9781911668077  Murdoch Books Paperback with flaps Embargo July 6, 2021 USD$20.99