Virginia Horse Center Announces Five New Members to Join Board of Directors

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Virginia Horse Center Announces Five New Members to Join Board of Directors

Lexington, VA — The Virginia Horse Center Foundation announces the appointment of five new members to its Board of Directors, as they join the full slate of officers and board members for fiscal year 2018/2019.

Joining the Board of Directors are Judith Heisley Bishop, Roxanne Booth, Steve Meadows, Lynn Rice and Jeffry Sterba.  “We are very excited to welcome these five individuals. They each bring a unique set of perspectives from their experience with different disciplines as equine professionals, owners or amateur competitors and from those gained as professionals outside of the horse world” said Gardner Bloemers, President of the Board.     #eliteequestrianmagazine #equestrian #eliteequestrian #horses #foridahorses #horsesflorida #horseswellington #dressage #equineflair @equestrian @horses @horsesflorida #horseshowlife #hitsocala @equine297 @aiken #aiken #horsesinstagram Virginia Horse Center

Judy Heisley Bishop resides in Washington DC and she and her three daughters compete successfully in the hunter divisions.  Currently Ms. Bishop is the Director of Philanthropic Programs at Heico Acquisitions in Chicago, IL and the Founder, President and Executive Director of the Heisley Family Foundation also located in Chicago, IL.  Ms. Bishop is a current Trustee for the Washington International Horse Show and serves on the Development Committee for the Connelly School of the Holy Child, Potomac, MD.

Roxanne Booth lives in Charlottesville, VA and is a member of the United States Eventing Association, the United States Dressage Association and the Federation Equestrian International (FEI).  Roxanne previously was a Municipal Finance Manager/Analyst at Moody’s Investor’s Services in New York and Dallas.  Ms. Booth has a strong interest in Eventing as she herself competed in this discipline.  She passed on her passion to one of her daughters who is an active high-level Eventing competitor, while her other daughter plays polo.       #eliteequestrianmagazine #equestrian #eliteequestrian #horses #foridahorses #horsesflorida #horseswellington #dressage #equineflair @equestrian @horses @horsesflorida #horseshowlife #hitsocala @equine297 @aiken #aiken #horsesinstagram Virginia Horse Center

Steve Meadows owns and operates Meadows Quarter Horses in Staunton, VA.  Born and raised in Staunton, Steve comes from a long line of horsemen. Not only is he a trainer, competitor and judge at AQHA competitions, he has served on the Professional Horseman Committee and Professional Horseman Council for the AQHA.  Mr. Meadows is an All-American Quarter Horse Congress Champion seven times over and has been part of the Ranch Riding movement from the onset.

Lynn Ellen Rice lives in Purceville, VA and owns and operates Lynfield Farm, a 150 acre boarding facility specializing in hunters.  Ms. Rice has been competing at the VHC since its beginnings in the late 1980s.  Ms. Rice has honed her riding and training skills under the leadership of Tony Workman.  She also learned business management skills from her father who is a large real estate developer in Northern Virginia.     #eliteequestrianmagazine #equestrian #eliteequestrian #horses #foridahorses #horsesflorida #horseswellington #dressage #equineflair @equestrian @horses @horsesflorida #horseshowlife #hitsocala @equine297 @aiken #aiken #horsesinstagram Virginia Horse Center

Jeffry Sterba has spent 38 years in the energy and water fields, including 14 as CEO of two companies. Along with his executive positions, Mr. Sterba has served on the boards of American Water, PNM Resources, Optim Energy, The Keystone Center and Meridian Institute.   Additionally, he has served on the boards of several nonprofit organizations.  He was Chairman of Edison Electric Institute (EEI), the trade association for US electric utilities, and a Board member of the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), the international technology and research arm for the electric industry.  He has been a board member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and was chairman of a regional chapter.  He has received numerous awards, including the Keystone Leadership in Energy Award.

Jeff and his wife Janet are long time Saddlebred owners and exhibitors.   Their daughter, Katy Sterba and her husband Patrick, currently own and operate Famesgate Stables, an American Saddlebred training facility, which is located just east of Charlottesville in Troy, VA.

The Virginia Horse Center Foundation provides a world-class facility hosting regional, national, and international equestrian events. We envision a unique, bucolic landmark to honor and celebrate the timeless, special bond between mankind and the horse through safe, fair and spirited equestrian competition.

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These new directors are joining the following returning board member to comprise the 2018/19 Board.

Board of Directors 

Gardner L. Bloemers, President

Kenneth M. Wheeler, Jr., Vice President

Mr. Charles A. “Chuck” Grossmann, Treasurer

Elizabeth Mason Horsley, Secretary

Thomas M. Clarke

H.E. Buddy Derrick, Jr.

William C. Heizer

Ernest M. Oare

Brian Ross

Ann Tierney Smith

Christopher Wynne


Advisory Board

Karin Banks

Jason & Alisa Berry

Dianne Boyd

Ronnie R. Campbell

Vicky Castegren

Jane Forbes Clark

Jean Clark

Brooks Cushman

Kim Gall

Timothy Harmon

Alison Head

Martin Hoard

Melissa Holland

Bruce Johnson

Lauren B. Kieffer

Walter J. Lee

Patricia Lemon

A.W. “Buster” Lewis

Sandy Lilly

Jessica Lohman

Bettina Longaker

Janine Malone

Dudley McFarlane

Donna R. Martin

Melanie L. Mathewes

  1. Otis Mead, III

Rob Mish

Molly T. Moore

Robin Moore

Andrew Motion

Winkie Motley

Glenn Petty

Cathette Plumer

Celia Rafalko

Joseph T. Samuels, Jr.

Donald Stewart, Jr.

Harry H. Warner, Sr.

George Williams

Jim Wolf