Western Dressage Association of America Announces 2013 Western Dressage Rules

Western Dressage Association of America Announces 2013 Western Dressage Rules

By Taylor Equestrian Marketing for Western Dressage Association of America

The Western Dressage Association of America (WDAA) is pleased to announce the newly revised Western Dressage Rules in anticipation of the 2013 competition year. Western Dressage is a new equestrian discipline that incorporates elements of Classic Dressage and Western horsemanship to create a discipline beneficial for both horse and rider. The WDAA combines the training methods of Classical Dressage with the traditions of Western Horsemanship. The Association was developed as a foundation on which to build the Western Dressage community. The WDAA strives to honor the horse and celebrate the traditions of the American West while focusing on the importance of the partnership between horse and rider. Western Dressage is one of the fastest growing disciplines drawing participants from diverse equestrian backgrounds and breed alliances. The discipline lends itself to the successful participation of a broad range of riders and breeds, which plays a strong role in its far-reaching appeal. The WDAA is the governing body of this growing discipline. The organization has worked over the past year in developing rules uniquely applicable to Western Dressage. The 2013 rules are a Western Dressage Association of America Announces 2013 Western Dressage Rulescollaborative effort resulting from member feedback, contributions from respected equestrians and organizations. The rules were edited by a team of WDAA Advisory Board members led by Anita Owen, FEI Olympic Dressage judge. The resulting Rules are designed for the use of judges, show managers and riders of all experience levels. The Rules also function as an exceptional educational tool with highlights that include detailed gait descriptions, movements, goals and objectives. Along with providing the basic 2013 rule guidelines, the Rules can assist in designing a progressive learning and training program that is extremely useful regardless of the rider’s intention to compete or participate in other disciplines. In addition to the newly revised Rules, the WDAA is developing a Western Dressage Trainers program. This program, “Train the Trainers™”, provides new Western Dressage Tests and educational programs for dressage judges and exhibitors in collaboration with WDAA corporate partner, www.Horseshow.com.

“The WDAA serves one of the fastest growing and most inclusive disciplines in the equestrian community,” states founding board member and president, Ellen DiBella. “As an organization, we take very seriously the importance of continually improving and developing the rules governing our sport as the organization grows.” Due to increasing popularity of Western Dressage and the WDAA’s success as the leading association in the discipline, WDAA membership is experiencing rapid growth from individual memberships and groups forming state affiliates. Currently, there are seven state affiliates with 20 additional prospective state affiliates, as well as International and breed Alliance Partners. The WDAA provides a critical platform to expand and build the Western Dressage community. 

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