What’s New in Managing Waste Today that is Green and Profitable?

Eco Green Bedding

What’s New in Managing Waste Today that is Green and Profitable?

Green and profitable Equine Eco Green is setting standards for agricultural waste. This invention was the concept of Shelly Moore Townsend. As a lifelong equestrian her exposure to the many facets of owning a horse coupled with her concern for our environment led to the development of a process she would patent and name Equine Eco Green.Eco Green Bedding

Equine Eco Green is an equine waste management company that produces multiple products from one waste source. Shelly thought the waste material being made into compost for a one time use or worse sent to landfills was a huge “waste”. Many landfills do not want this waste as it is disruptive to anaerobic decomposition, taking this waste many years to breakdown. So during a shavings shortage, ice storm and frustration she decided to try what had only been ideas – much to her surprise it worked the first time.
There was much work to come – thousands of experiments, trying many different
formulas and various combinations coupled with the concern of remaining cost efficient.
What resulted is a process that recycles the shavings for reuse 5-7 times before
breakdown, an organic compost, firelogs, and a more economical removal service. The
shavings are not only recycled, serve as the fuel for the dryer when breakdown occurs,
but are safer for the horse and owner as all the phenols are removed. This creates a
less-allergenic bedding for the horse which is beneficial for their respiratory system and
helps prevent skin reactions. The firelogs burn cleaner and hotter than regular wood
with less particulates released into the atmosphere. The compost is organic for the
gardening needs of those wishing for a natural alternative to chemicals. All this adds up
to a huge benefit for the environment by helping with deforestation and pollution of our
waterways. The process is not only green but unlike many processes there is no waste –
everything is used and or remediated.Eco Green Bedding

The next step for the project to continue it’s growth was building a team for success in getting it to fruition. Bryce Lingo a fox hunting friend, fellow Delawarean and respected businessman was a natural choice. Shelly’s second approach to Lingo for help prompted him to contact a mutual friend and professional horseman Snowden Clarke. Already chosen for the core team was her brother, Glenn Moore for his knowledge of equipment, David Sills a well respected contractor and engineer for building the project, Bill Aldridge for automating and plant technology, attorneys Eugene H. Bayard and Mindi Moore Tunnell, and veterinarian Joseph S. Woodhead VMD were also added to the team for support and consultation. Once these decisions were made the project was on it’s journey.Eco Green Bedding

Wellington, Florida was always the obvious choice for the first plant. It is the playground for the who’s who in the polo, hunter/jumper, dressage and various other equestrian disciplines. The 15,000 horses that come for the long running WEF circuit and Polo Tournaments create some 1,005,000 pounds of waste per day. News articles and supporting research revealing the magnitude and reality of the equine waste problem was what inspired her long tenacious pursuit and development of Equine Eco Green. Now meetings with cities, mayors and scientists confirm how great this is for the environment and prospective investors. It’s a win win for horse, owner, environment and investor. The Wellington plant and it’s implementation very soon looks most promising with several interested and verbally committed parties.

Meetings have been a success with the city of Wellington being very supportive. The
neighboring city of Loxahatchee shows positive signs of support from their Mayor Dave
Browning to their local Dr. J. William Louda, Senior Scientist Department of Chemistry
and Biochemistry-and-The Environmental Sciences Program Florida Atlantic University
giving her project a big thumbs up. Shelly’s concerns from the beginning were does this
work, quality, safety and can it produce profits? It does not matter how green or good
the product is, it also has to earn money for the investors – bottom line. Profit projections
in the range of 585 Million for a 5% market share to 3.5 Billion for a 30% market share,
has it falling into place with prominent figures interested in investing in the project for
locations in Florida, California, Maryland, and Virginia. This is a national and
international solution for heavily populated horse communities that is “Green” with huge
earning potential, so it’s a very positive project garnering interest fast. If mandates
should come into play, as Townsend’s patent attorney Ernest D. Buff and others believe
is inevitable, then its a complete no brainer.

Shelly is excited for the future, and the research and development of other products she
has up her sleeve. Equine Eco Green will not only provide a service for equine waste
but for the yard refuse, and as a result of a recent request from Wellington, a solution
and use for their sludge cake. She believes the possibilities are great with this KISS
technology that is cost effective. As she likes to say “Creating a better tomorrow by
being aware of the differences we can make today by saving our planet one project at a
time”. Visit this company at www.equineecogreen.com for more information on
becoming involved and or supporting this equine waste solution.Eco Green Bedding