MDBarnmaster: Stable Fire Safety Tips and Recommendations

Another Devastating Stable Fire Rocks Horse World

MDBarnmaster Responds with Safety Tips and Recommendations


Corning, CA — A March 10th barn fire near Chicago, IL, killed six horses at a small racehorse farm. A February 21st fire at a Thoroughbred farm in Michigan killed 27 horses. These are the latest in a string of horse barn fires in recent months. These tragedies come on the heels of a stable fire in New Jersey that killed 22 show horses in January. Barn fires have killed nearly 100 horses in recent months.

In response to this tragic loss of equine life, MDBarnmaster is providing fire safety tips for equine owners on its website.

“A barn fire can be any horse owner’s biggest nightmare,” said Dave Harrah, Chief Operating Officer at MDBarnmaster. “Since this winter seems to have given us so many more major stable fires, MDBarnmaster felt it was important to share some important safety tips to help educate barn owners how they can work to avoid a similar tragedy at their own stable.”

As part of that fire safety education effort, MDBarnmaster has begun posting both seasonal and year-round safety articles on its website. The latest piece at reviews some of the pertinent facts and statistics about barn fires, including leading causes and the time period when most fires occur. The newest article also offers tips to increase safety, including recommendations that range from equipment use and inspection to storage of combustible materials and other helpful safety pointers. The latest piece also recommends ways to work with your local fire department to help reduce fires or the damage they cause.

One way to decrease the risk of a tragic barn fire is to make sure your stable itself is the safest choice possible. Barns like those available from MDBarnmaster can greatly reduce fire risk. MDBarnmaster barns have been given a 0% flame spread rating. Not only is an MDBarnmaster barn extremely fire safe, it is chew-proof and kick-proof as well, making these structures both safe and low maintenance. Combined with a stall system that has been perfected over time, MDBarnmaster barns offer great peace of mind to horse owners and equine professionals.

For more information and to brush up on fire safety ideas for your barn, visit MDBarnmaster’s website today.

MDBarnmaster offers innovative modular barns with unsurpassed quality and a 0% fire spread rating. The company has spent 30 years perfecting its product to create a better barn that is chew-proof, kick-proof and that can handle snows, winds and more. MDBarnmaster offers several versatile styles of barns and stall systems to fit any equine owner’s budget, as well as roundpens, loafing sheds and more. To learn more about MDBarnmaster quality products, visit




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