Celebrated Pacific coast Sporthorse auction kicks off October 19 and 20


Vacaville, CA (October 12, 2012) – Excitement is building for the highly-anticipated Pacific Sporthorse Selection Auction as 16 elite horses and 5 foals are prepared for test rides and presentation to a large audience of buyers and spectators 3:00 p.m., October 20 at Christiane Noelting Dressage Center in Vacaville, Ca.CELEBRATED PACIFIC COAST SPORTHORSE AUCTION

Four of the nation’s most respected dressage breed show judges Lilo Fore, Hilda Gurney, Melissa Creswick and Christiane Noelting assisted in select elite auction horses participants which represent some of the finest European and American sporthorse breeding.

Several of the world’s most successful dressage horses were discovered at auctions. Take for example Brentina, Graf George, Ahlerich, and Satchmo. In the anticipated Pacific Sporthorse Selection Auction, bloodlines represented through successful stallions include Sandro Hit, Rousseau, Hotline, Diamond Hit, Freestyle, Gribaldi, UB-40, Sir Donnerhall, Don Frederico, Rotspon, Waterford, Domiro, and Contucci. Six of the auction horses were imported; the remainder is U.S. bred.

Weekend festivities begin Friday, October 19, with a Gala Event and Wine Tasting that will feature equestrian demonstrations, a trade fair and the auctioning of a Sandro Hit breeding to benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. General admission is $15. VIP tickets are $50.

Everyone is welcome, free of charge, to the Saturday activities which feature educational seminars and trade fair shopping from 10:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. followed by presentations of the sale horses from 12:30 p.m. The auction bidding begins at 3:00 p.m. Food vendors will sell lunches during the afternoon.

“We are bringing the highest quality horses to a large audience of buyers looking for top notch horses” says Christian Hartung, manager of Sporthorse-Online, LLC, organizer of the Pacific Sporthorse Selection (PSS) Auction.CELEBRATED PACIFIC COAST SPORTHORSE AUCTION

“We are also looking at a fun day for buyers and spectators alike,” he added.

While this idea is new to the United States, it compares to the European auction tradition of presenting horses selected by discriminating experts collectively in one location. For example, Hanover, Germany, each year holds eight auctions at which more than 1000 sport horses, foals, brood mares and stallions sold.

“Buyers won’t need to travel around the region to find the best and sellers benefit from a gathering of motivated buyers,” says Christian.

All selected horses have received a pre-auction veterinary check (including x-rays) which is available for review to prospective buyers and their veterinarians.

To view horses for sale, visit www.sporthorse-selection.com.

Appointments for test rides through October 19 may be made by calling Christiane Noelting at 707-761-9031.

Call in bidders should make arrangements prior to the sale by contacting Christiane Noelting at 707-761-9031.

The Christiane Noelting Dressage Center is located at 6954 Lewis Road, Vacaville, CA 95687


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