Colleen Acosta and Lancome Capture $50,000 Parlanti Grand Prix at HITS Chicago

Colleen Acosta and Lancome Capture $50,000 Parlanti Grand Prix at HITS Chicago

On Sunday morning at HITS Chicago, Colleen Acosta kept her willing streak alive, capturing the $50,000 Parlanti Grand Prix to showcase her successful partnership with Lancome once again. They were one of three combinations that produced a clear jump-off, winning with half a second to spare. Amanda Flint was just behind them with Hudson for second place, while Shannon Sullivan and Downtown’s Main event placed third.

Colleen Acosta and Lancome

Chris Collman designed the course with a first round that tested riders with  a triple bar, a double combination, and a triple combination away from home, spread out over a long track with numerous short approaches. The jump-off introduced two new fences, and provided riders with the chance to make sharp turns and quick galloping approaches as they aimed for one of the top spots.

Acosta and Lancome had speed on their side, dashing across the finish line in 38.155 seconds with all the rails intact. Flint guided Hudson to second place clocking in at 39.427, while Sullivan and Downtown’s Main Event were right on their heels, rounding off the top three with a time of 39.469.

“I was trying to stay calm – Lancome feels so good and she likes it here, so I just let her do her thing and I do my part,” explained Acosta. “She covers the ground so well, so it’s never a problem adding or leaving out where I need to.”

Lancome is a very special mare for Acosta and the pair have an impressive resume of wins together, including the Elgin Academy $25,000 Prix that took place on Friday at HITS Chicago.

“She’s very ornery, but when she’s ornery I know she’s going to jump better,” Acosta laughed.  “So when she’s ornery, I just let her be because she jumps more clean rounds that way than when she’s submissive. You don’t want her submissive!”

Although last week was her first time at HITS Chicago, Acosta shared what she loved about her experience, concluding, “The courses this week have been awesome. The track allowed me to open up her step, and the arena was used well. The footing is absolutely fantastic and it’s beautiful here!”

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