ConCord®: The New Way of Moving

ConCord®: The New Way of Moving #eliteequestrian elite equestrian magazine

ConCord®: The New Way of Moving 

The ConCord® method works gently without forcing anything; the horse is not tied up at any point in the system. As a result, it brings relaxation and rest, which enables horses to adopt a correct head and neck posture. Both the ConCord® Leader walking method and the ConCord® Longe lunging system have been developed by horse trainer Mieke Verdonk in cooperation with veterinarians, physiotherapists and osteopaths.ConCord®: The New Way of Moving  #eliteequestrian elite equestrian magazine

BR ConCord® Leader Walking Method
The ConCord® Leader walking method corrects during training; supports recovery after heavy exercise and supports a healthy rehabilitation. When used regularly, it helps horses to develop their top line and improve their walk. Muscles are activated, however load is minimal and heart rate remains low. This results in visible muscle build-up in four weeks. This easy and safe system can be used for any horse. The ConCord® Leader is a great tool for trailer loading as well.

The walking method has been proven scientifically in Evidence Based Veterinary Medicine and has been nominated for the Dutch Horses Product of the Year 2016 Election.

RRP € 69.95 / £ 60.95
BR ConCord® Longe Lunging Method
The ConCord® Longe lunging method allows a horse to naturally lower its head; activates its abdominal muscles and relaxes both neck and back. The system helps horses to get (back) in shape and supports the build-up of muscles, both during training and after a period of rehabilitation. The ConCord® Longe corrects asymmetry and weak back muscles and provides a solution for horses with lunging problems. Also suitable for horses that are not yet ridden (“backed”). This easy and safe system does not need adjusting.     RRP € 99.95 / £ 87.95ConCord®: The New Way of Moving  #eliteequestrian elite equestrian magazine

More information on the BR ConCord® Leader and Longe can be found at For information on retailers you are encouraged to contact Bieman de Haas BV, tel: (00 31) 0487-597880.