Eco-animal bedding

Eco-animal bedding elite equestrian magazine #eliteequestrian

Eco-animal bedding

Eco-animal bedding is the healthy alternative as it is completely dust free and toxin free eco animal bedding is recognized by leading veterinarians around AUSTRALIA, Melbourne university equine hospital has been using the product since we started manufacturing in Australia in 2007 followed by Gatton Equine hospital in QUEENSLAND,and Adelaide university equine hospital.

I got the idea from the U.K. And America as they’ve been using corrugated cardboard for equine bedding for the past 30 years, in 2007.Eco-animal bedding elite equestrian magazine #eliteequestrian

I started manufacturing the product as an alternative bedding to traditional wood shavings straw and sawdust, most of the wood bedding in Australia contains a chemical called dealdrin in the timber.

MAJOR BENEFITS: Healthy,dust free Environment:improves respiratory performance:ideal for post surgery & allergy sufferers: virtually no odour :highly absorbent :cost effective :fully biodegradable:eco-friendly, it’s Great for show horses as the horse don’t get Dusty and are clean in the morning saving time,it’s free from spores & fungal and seeds and toxins. It comes in a 20kg bales and you need 2 to 3 bales to a normal size stable. If you require further information.