Injured Dressage Horse Returns to the Show Arena in Top Condition After Treatment at The Sanctuary

Injured Dressage Horse Returns to the Show Arena in Top Condition After Treatment at The Sanctuary

Ocala, FL (August 27, 2012) – Jeanette Kretchik was devastated when her 15-year-old dressage horse, Wilddieb, was injured and developed an avulsion fracture on his left hind sesmoid. She and Wilddieb had been competing successfully at upper level dressage, but after the injury, she questioned if they would ever be able to compete together again. The veterinarians emphasized that the 18 hand Westfalian gelding would need careful management and rest if he were to make a full recovery. Knowing this to be the key, Kretchik turned to The Sanctuary Equine Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation Center for Wilddieb’s treatment and rehabilitation. Now, not only are they back to competing again, Kretchik believes her horse is stronger than when she first purchased him.

Injured Dressage Horse Returns to the Show Arena in Top Condition After Treatment at The Sanctuary
: Jeanette Kretchik and Wilddieb at a dressage show in Wellington, Florida. (Photo courtesy of Jeanette Laurie Monroe)

“Wilddieb and I showed throughout the winter, and I truly believe the reason he is back and showing is because of how he was rehabilitated,” Kretchik explains. “I know his recovery was due to the meticulous care he received at The Sanctuary.”

While at The Sanctuary, Wilddieb had treatments including stem cell, placement rich plasma (prp), irap, (interleukin-1 receptor antagonist protein), Tilden, shockwave, and the hyperbaric chamber. Gradually these treatments began to work. “The people at The Sanctuary were absolutely wonderful,” Kretchik describes. “They helped me coordinate all of his vet appointments and were always present at his check ups. They followed the exercise routines to the letter.” She continues, “Whenever I visited, the staff were able to tell me everything that was done that day for him, and I always found him to be groomed and in clean surroundings. I know I could never have given him the rehab myself.”

The Sanctuary has built a solid reputation on their ability to condition and rehabilitate equines of all disciplines, and is dedicated to providing the equestrian community. “We are always looking for new ways to benefit our community and clients with information, services, and seminars,” said Brenda McDuffee, General Manager of The Sanctuary. “For example, the ‘Beat the Heat’ seminar touches on an important part of successfully keeping horses in Florida. McDuffee continues, “At The Sanctuary we strive to provide the best resources for horses and other animals, from educational seminars to world-class facilities and treatments. Our philosophy of preventative rehab, or ‘prehab,’ is especially important for horses that are actively competing or racing and helps keep them in top form while preventing injury. All of our therapies are based on methods used for human rehabilitation. Just like human athletes who work hard to condition their bodies or strive to recover from injuries, our horses deserve to be in the best condition so that they can compete at the top of their game.”

The Sanctuary has locations in Ocala and Wellington, Florida, and their mobile unit travels across the country providing the world-class conditioning and rehab services at major horse shows. The Sanctuary at PBIEC is located on the Winter Equestrian Festival show grounds features a select number of treatments, while the main, multi-million dollar campus in Ocala boasts an Aqua Pacer water treadmill; a cold saltwater leg spa; an equine swimming pool—a 110 foot long, 14 foot deep inline pool with therapeutic water; a 5/8 mile track; two Eurocisers with therapeutic tracking surface – one under cover and one outdoors; solariums; and a temperature-controlled veterinary inspection area with semi surgical lighting; a hyperbaric oxygen chamber; vibration plates and solarium.

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