The world’s largest equestrian trade fair with more than 700 hours of events, 850 exhibitors and a new show

The world’s largest equestrian trade fair with more than 700 hours of events, 850 exhibitors and a new show

Horses from all parts of the world, international equestrian sports stars and an accompanying programme of superlative events – from 16 to 24 March, EQUITANA in Essen (GERMANY) will be the hub of the equestrian world. At the world’s largest equestrian fair, 200,000 riders and horse lovers will find 1,000 horses of 40 different breeds, an event programme of more than 700 hours consisting of contests, training sessions and performances, as well as 850 exhibitors. In 17 exhibition halls and for nine days, everything will centre on a single subject: horses.The world’s largest equestrian trade fair with more than 700 hours of events, 850 exhibitors and a new show

The world’s largest specialist offer for equestrian businesses, horse keepers and breeders

From horse walkers to intelligent treadmills to secure horse boxes – for professional equestrian businesses and horse keepers, EQUITANA 2013 is again the no. 1 event for anything relating to horse keeping, or building, operating and maintaining riding facilities and stables. 850 international exhibitors present their new products, again including well-known companies from the segments of stable and riding facilities construction, farming technology and horse transport. A large number of exhibitors from the segments of accessories, feeding and care products as well as veterinary products have also registered. More than 200,000 visitors from 40 countries are expected, among them 25,000 trade visitors from the equestrian industry alone.

The world’s largest equestrian fair is not only a shopping opportunity but also holds plenty of other fascinating attractions. Whether it’s the HOP TOP Show horse gala, the STALLIONS breeding show with Europe’s best warmblood stallions, the training sessions with world and Olympic champions or demonstrations of dressage, show jumping, vaulting or Western riding – EQUITANA offers all horse lovers a unique accompanying programme.

The best riders and top trainers at EQUITANA

The equestrian world fair is the meeting place for Olympics winners, world champions and the most prominent names in equestrian sports. Visitors can see and hear them also during the daytime programme – and that comprises far more than 700 hours in eight arenas and two forums over the nine days of the fair.The world’s largest equestrian trade fair with more than 700 hours of events, 850 exhibitors and a new show

“Festivallo” – the new HOP TOP Show at EQUITANA 2013

From the Rio Carnival to the Scandinavian Midsummer Night: the “Festivallo” horse gala is a journey to the peoples of the world, their traditions and festivities. The top names in the international show riding scene come together to present this at the new EQUITANA HOP TOP Show – an event that only tales place on four nights every two years, which is what makes it so unique. Fascinating liberty dressage, acrobatics and stunts, accompanied by impressive light effects and stirring music, put the HOP TOP Show in a class of its own.

“Festivallo” promises a furioso spectacle combining top-class horsemanship and breathtaking show elements. Traditions and festivities from Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe are the stuff the new production with its 100 horses and human performers is made of.

And all that of course with a star cast. Anybody performing in the HOP TOP Show already is or is about to become a “great name”. Together with their horses, stars such as Frederic Pignon or Lorenzo, but also newcomers have been shaping the image of the HOP TOP Show for years and make it one of the highlights of every EQUITANA.

The “Festivallo” HOP TOP Show will premiere on 16 March 2013, which is also the EQUITANA opening day. Preparations for the gala event already began six months ago. Every two years, EQUITANA Director Christina Uetz and her team put together an entirely new show. Their search for the best performers takes them through all of Europe. They search for promising newcomers, maintain contact with the stars and visit many international equestrian shows and festivals. “In the past few months we discovered many new and spectacular things. With Festivallo we will bring the best of what we saw together at EQUITANA. No more will be revealed for the time being”, says Christina Uetz.

At the end, out of many proposals and ideas, 15 will remain for the dioramas designed exclusively for EQUITANA. Only then does the real work start, because the numbers still need a dramaturgical work-over to turn individual equestrian performances into one top-quality gala show.

The performers will then have just a few days in March to rehearse together. The result can be seen for the first time on 16 March in Essen: the best equestrian show in the world.

“Festivallo” HOP TOP Show / Dates

16, 20, 22 and 23 March 2013, always at 8 p.m., Hall 6