Whispering to the Wild Ones to life

Equine Specialist, Anna Twinney #eliteequestrian

World Renowned Equine Specialist, Anna Twinney, brings Whispering to the Wild Ones to life in her annual mustang gentling course to benefit the wild horses of the U.S.

Beginning August 23rd through 29th, horse enthusiasts from all over the US will gather in Shingletown, California to learn how they can help untouched horses acclimate to domestication. Leading them on this adventure is Anna Twinney, founder of Reach Out to Horses. A portion of the proceeds from the event will go to the nonprofit organization The Wild Horse Sanctuary

For more than a decade, internationally renowned horsewoman, author, and speaker, Anna Twinney, has worked to help people understand the plight of the American Mustang. She has gentled and started thousands of wild horses in her career that began as the first head instructor of the Monty Roberts’ International Learning Center in California.  Anna is fortunate to have worked with the most famous Mustangs of their time including Monty Roberts’ Shy Boy, Spirit ~ Stallion of the Cimarron, and Excalibur, her own Spanish Mustang and ambassador of Reach Out to Horses.  Her pursuit to support all wild horses has taken Anna to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Mongolia and throughout the United States.

A large part of that endeavor includes her “Reach Out to the Untouched Horse” workshops. These week-long events are held annually and the spots fill quickly. “Working with the wild ones is especially important to me. My mission remains to give a voice to the voiceless. The American Mustang is in need of advocacy,” Anna explained.

The workshop is designed to teach Equus, the nuanced language of the horse, to students. Even more important is the overall purpose of the event. “We are readying these horses for adoption. Without our help to ease the transition from the range to that of a domesticated horse, we would be setting them up for failure,” she stated.

Helping untouched horses find value in their two-legged partners and comfort and understanding in common practices such as grooming, vet care, haltering, leading, and hoof care can potentially make their new lives a good one. Anna’s methods involve no force nor fear, no choking nor chutes, no gadgets nor gizmos. She teaches her students the power of communication, collaboration, observation, intuition, and intention.

Students often describe this week as a life-changing experience. The language of the horse requires the student to immerse themselves in an unknown world. “Untouched horses present a unique challenge that demands patience, attention, compassion, and an open heart,” explained Anna.

Anna has assisted in the rescue, training, and healing of thousands of horses and has helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the horses in need and the organizations that share her passion for our majestic planetary companions. She has been featured around the world in magazines, newspapers, radio shows, internet programs and television.  While the exploration into the silent and secret language of the horses takes Anna through global gateways, gentling a thousand wild mustangs and talking to horses telepathically has given her an impeccable reputation to capture their whisper.  Anna’s life’s work is expansive, with an Equine Training Certification program sought after by novices and professionals alike. She is the creator of over a dozen DVDs, author of multiple books, and mastermind behind a number of online mentorship programs, and she continues to develop and teach cutting-edge methodologies both online and at her new home base and training facility, Whispering Feather Farm, in Mill Spring, NC.

For more information about Anna Twinney and Reach Out to Horses visit www.ReachOuttoHorses.com

For information about The Wild Horse Sanctuary please email Liz Juenke at whslizjuenke@gmail.com