June 28, 2022

Team and Individual Gold Medals for Amerigo Riders during 2012 London Olympics

Team and Individual Gold Medals for Amerigo Riders during 2012 London Olympics

London, England (September 6, 2012) – Amerigo saddles were in the Olympic spotlight as a group of top riders vied for medals while seated in the precision and comfort designed saddles. Amerigo saddles were used in all three of the Olympic equestrian disciplines during the London Games, and sponsored riders Steve Guerdat and Carl Hester rode to Gold medals in Amerigo.

Team and Individual Gold Medals for Amerigo Riders during 2012 London Olympics
Carl Hester and Utopia rode to Team Gold in dressage in their Amerigo during the 2012 London Games. (Photo courtesy of Menetsattel, AG

Swiss show jumper Steve Guerdat took Individual Gold aboard Nino des Buissonnets, securing the win with two clear rounds in the Individual finals at Greenwich Park. He is the first Swiss rider to attain individual gold since Alphonse Gemuseus in 1924. In the dressage arena, an Amerigo rider also took center stage with Carl Hester taking Team Gold for Great Britain with along with teammates Laura Bechtolsheimer and his student Charlotte Dujardin. Dujardin went on to secure Individual Gold in the Freestyle, wrapping up a record-breaking Olympics for Great Britain. Never before has the UK medaled in dressage. Other Amerigo riders also represented their countries at the 2012 Games, including show jumpers Scott Brash of Great Britain, Pius Schwizer of Switzerland, Edwina Tops-Alexander of Australia, and Billy Twomey of Ireland. Canadian eventing team members Jessica Phoenix and Hawley Bennett round out the line up of Amerigo riders, and are just a selection of top athletes who have chosen Amerigo.

Designed by Peter Menet, Amerigo saddles are handcrafted, and are designed using a scientific approach by integrating the biomechanics of horse and rider to improve comfort and performance. Understanding the dynamics of motion and what the horse’s body needs to be capable of at the top levels of all disciples is Amerigo’s strength. All Amerigo saddles are fit using a unique measuring system to ensure the proper fit for both horse and rider. Amerigo’s goal is to provide comfort for the horse and rider and to enable them to be balanced and free to perform.

Team and Individual Gold Medals for Amerigo Riders during 2012 London Olympics
: Steve Guerdat of Switzerland took Individual Gold in showjumping. Photo courtesy of Menetsattel, AG)

World Equestrian Brands is the US distributor of Amerigo, Amerigo Vega, Vespucci, EA Mattes, and Equilibrium products. Amerigo also is endorsed by a number of American champions, including eventers Allison Springer, Kim Severson, and Buck Davidson, show jumpers Aaron Vale and Kim Prince, and dressage riders Ali Brock, who currently is training with Kyra Kyrklund, and Pierre St. Jacques.

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